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Alishan tea series
Alishan camellia is located in the northern part of the Tropic of Cancer latitude 23 degrees from the top and bottom of the mountain, the temperature and height are very suitable for the growth of tea, plus sooner or later clouds enveloped, leaves grow slowly foliage astringent taste low and sweet water, the tea is particularly soft, fresh and fresh aroma , For the characteristics of Alishan tea. Our tea area is located in the Alishan of the head, tea area elevation of about 1200-1500 meters are so high mountain tea, because the head tea area sunshine enough, so the system is clearly a good tea with a delicious flavor of the taste.
{  Alishan tea series  }
The tea is yellow and green, fresh and elegant aroma, throat rhyme profound and resistant to the bubble, but also the most Can represent the mountain of Alishan.
{  Alishan honey fragrant black tea  }
Is Alishan area in recent years began to develop new tea, harvest summer or autumn by small green leaf cicadas bite tea, tea is made of cable-like, tea color Hongyan transparent, and with a natural fruit honey flavor And sweet, in recent years by the market welcome.
{  Alishan Jin Xuan tea  }
Commonly known as the twenty-seven or Taiwan tea on the 12th, by the Taiwan tea industry improved breeding varieties of tea, Jin Xuan tea foliar thick, fresh, tea color was green or green and with luster, taste pure and smooth With a strong milk flavor and floral, but also because this feature is very popular with young people and women's favorite.
Tea way
Heat bubble method
The tea can be placed at the bottom of the pot can be, and the cable-like tea (tea honey black tea) can be more, according to their preferences increase or decrease, hot water is about 90-100 degrees, the hot water into Pot about 2 to 3 seconds after the fall, we call "wake tea" or "warm bubble", contribute to leaf stretch, the first tea about a minute to pour out, then the second bubble interval of half a minute And then pour out (Alishan tea at least back to more than 4-6 times), individuals like the first tea plus the second tea can taste the best smell of tea and throat rhyme.
Cold bubble method
Cold bubble method is simply talking about the use of ordinary room temperature boiling water tea, can reduce the tea tannin and caffeine dissolution, increased sweetness, and the taste is more sweet and mellow, in the hot summer feel fresh and cool. Brewing method to the general 600ml of mineral water, for example, into the two caps of the amount of tea, placed in the refrigerator about 6-8 hours after the refrigerator with excellent flavor.
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