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I remember from time to time, when the busy busy tea, the family is always very busy, often the size of the whole family mobilization, but also because this process is very hard, the heart for tea, tea is excluded, and never want to inherit the family Of the tea garden, but in a family meeting, chatting with his father to the future management of the problem of tea, the father only faint to say "can not do so, to end," because the father's sentence determined to inherit the tea garden , And set up a "tea" this brand.
Tea garden is located in the Alishan area of ​​the head, tea area elevation of about 1300 to 1500 meters, 30 years of tea heritage experience, is the local tea farmers for sale, adhere to the manual picking leaves, do not add any flavor , Only the most pure natural tea, but also hope that the real Taiwan tea will be promoted to the hands of friends who love tea.

阿里山 - 茶香花園

ADDRESS / No.9, Longtou, Fanlu Township, Chiayi County 602, Taiwan (R.O.C.)    TEL / +886-956-707-688